Yangtze Cruise FAQ


Before A Cruise

Question: What is the average weather like if I plan to go on a cruise on Yangtze River?
Answer: Generally, it is windy, humid and few sunshine. The average temperature reaches 30°C (86°F) in July and 10°C (50°F) in January. Either spring or autumn is the best season for a river cruise. During summer, thunderstorms are frequent which causes the river water to rise. This usually occurs between July and September. The winters are always short and cold.

Question: What do the high season and the shoulder season refer to on your cruise itineraries?
Answer: The high and low seasons in all cruise itineraries refer to the seasons defined by the cruise companies based on their cruise lines and the water level. Usually April, May, September and October are the high seasons for cruising..

Question: How do I get to the ship and how early should I arrive?
Answer: If you have purchased our cruise packages or tours, we will provide and arrange the necessary transfers to the ship, which means that you do not need to check in to the ship all by yourself. Our tour guide will meet and lead you from your destination airport to the cruise ship.
If you prefer to check in at the cruise ship yourself, you need to get the details of your itinerary (the port's name and location and the time of departure) from the cruise company or travel agent. Usually you need to arrive several hours before the cruise ship departs.

Question: What clothes should I bring?
Answer: We suggest that you bring a light jacket, jeans, T- shirts and lightweight windbreaker if you are planning to commence your cruise during spring or autumn. A light sweater is handy for cooler days. Bring some cotton T-shirts, shorts, a hat/cap, sunglasses and suntan lotions if your cruise is during summer. Sweaters are a must during winter. Do not forget to bring comfortable walking shoes/ sandals/ sneakers.
Usually there will be two formal nights including the Captain's Welcome Cocktail Party and Dinner and the Captain's Farewell Dinner. We suggest that you dress up accordingly for such a formal occasion. Coat and tie for gentlemen and a formal dress or gown for ladies are recommended.

Question: How do you treat passengers with special medical or physical needs?
Answer: If you have special medical, physical or other relevant needs such as the use of a wheelchair, you must inform us when you book your trip to check if appropriate assistances or necessary facilities are available. Over the years, cruise companies have aimed to improve their facilities so that travelers who are physically challenged can enjoy their trip as fully as possible. Handicapped staterooms on ships for clients with special needs are often available. It is a "converted" regular-sized cabin fit for the needs of physically challenged customers. On some ships narrow corridors, lips on the doorways, and steps at public area are unavoidable. Ships cruising along the Yangtze River may inevitably docks at some of the rural area like small towns or village, elevator and cable cars are not readily available. Wheelchair access may be limited and sometimes impossible. We recommend that passengers with special needs travel with a companion who can provide required assistance.

Question: What if I will be arriving late?
Answer: If you think you will probably miss your ship as scheduled due to unavoidable reasons, please contact us immediately. We need to hear from you so that we could contact the cruise company and inform them about your situation. Nevertheless, we will try to provide the best solution.

Question: When I disembark, how and where will I find my guide?
Answer: After the ship anchors, you will see our guide on the landing and holding a board with your name written on it.

Question: What if I plan to disembark earlier than scheduled?
Answer: If you have to disembark before the ship arrives at its terminal, you are requested to get off at the nearest dock. Kindly inform us if you plan to disembark earlier than expected when you make the booking so that you can get the actual fare. To let the ship dock at any other place that is not included in the itinerary will greatly increase the quoted price of your trip.