Xiamen Airport Shuttle Bus


To find the Airport Shuttle Bus, exit the Arrival Hall, go right and proceed straight for 50-100 meters. The fare is 6RMB per person£»

After exiting the Arrival Hall, turn left and proceed straight for 200-250m to the Bus Station. There are 5 bus routes going directly to downtown Xiamen. Detailed bus route information is as follows:

Route 27  Xiamen Airport --› Xiamen Ferry Station
Route 37  Xiamen Airport --› Xiamen Railway Station
Route 41  Xiamen Airport --› Xiamen Bonded Area
Route 81  Xiamen  Airport --› Lian hua Er Cun
Route 91  Xiamen Airport --› Xiamen Exhibition Center

There is a taxi queue outside the Arrival Hall. The taxi fare in Xiamen is 8RMB at flag fall for the first 3 km and 2RMB per km thereafter. Fares are subject to a 50% surcharge when the journey exceeds 8 km;

Xiamen Airport to Jimei, Xinglin, and Tongan Districts, Xiamen Airport  to Quanzhou and Zhangzhou City:

Tickets for shuttle bus are sold at the hotel reception counters of Domestic and International Arrival.

Taxies to outlying districts of Xiamen and to Quanzhou, Shishi and other nearby cities are available at our West Ground-level Car Park; to get there, Turn right after exiting the Arrival Hall and proceed straight for 100-200 meters.
You can also transfer at the Long-Distance Passenger Transport Station located on the Hubin Load and Changqing Load.