Can i get a China Visa in Hong Kong?


It used to be very easy for all nationalities to apply for a Chinese visa in Hong Kong, but the Central Government has recently changed the regulation.

Passport holders of the  following countries must apply for a China visa through the China embassy in their own or a third country before arriving in Hong Kong

For passport holders of  the following countries: Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh ,Congo, Egypt, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, India, Indonesia, Iran, lraq,  Libya, Mali,  Malaysia, Morocco, Mauritania,  Nepal, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Saudi Arab, Sierra Leone, Syrian, South Africa,  Tunisia, Turkey, Tajikistan, Philippines,  Pakistan, Uzbekistan, please apply a China visa through China embassy within your own country. This will valid from 15th April, 2008.

Restrictions on the type of visa and the length of visa may apply to other nationalities and people planning on traveling to China should make also necessary inquiries before traveling.

Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of PRC

5th Floor, Lower Block,26 Harbor Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.

Tel: ++852-25851657 OR ++852-25851680 OR ++852-25851794


1) You need to go there Monday to Friday during business hours.

2) 'Fast Process' means: the visa should be processed the same day.

 Requirements to obtain a Visa in Hong Kong

A. 1 recent passport photo.

B. Passport which needs to be valid at least more than 3 months.

C. Call the office before your visit.

D, China Tourist and Business (F) Visa can be obtained easily in Hong Kong. It can be obtained with the help of a travel agent but at least 3 full working days should be allowed for this procedure.