Lowest airfare guide


1. How do I find the lowest fares?
Firstly, you can find the search the lowest fares by using the domestic flights search forms.
To search for alternative routes, plan early and consider your trip flexibility. Calculate how much time you are willing to give up in exchange for savings. If you have time to spare for stopovers, search for popular routes that have a wide selection of discounted fares. Check carefully whether the arrival airport of your first flight is the departure airport of your connecting flight. For flights within Mainland China, you may be able to spend 1 or more nights on your stopover destination with no additional flight cost. For international flights, you may have to check visa requirements and flight restrictions if you want to leave the airport during your stopover.
To book roundtrip tickets, simply indicate your return ticket details during the booking process. You are able to save a significant amount especially when booking international flight tickets.
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As a rule of thumb, fares on weekdays are lower than those on weekends and fares during the early morning or late evening are lower than the rest of the day. Please remember that the lowest fares are usually flight tickets that have the most restrictions. This means cancellations and changes are either not allowed or will incur fees that are higher than other tickets

2. How far in advance should I book my flight tickets to get the lowest fares?
As a general rule, you get the full price of flight tickets if you book too far in advance. This is because our airline partners start giving discounts when most of the booking volume can be anticipated. To get the best fares for domestic flights, start booking 2 to 3 weeks before your departure date. To get the best fares for international flights, start booking 4 weeks before your departure date. For international peak seasons like Christmas and New Year, start booking 2 to 3 months in advance. Although Hong Kong and Macau destinations are considered international flights, pricing trend follows that of domestic flights more closely. Please remember that low-fare tickets sell fast. Therefore, after the 2 to 3 week-period (in the case of domestic flights) or 4-week period (in the case of international flights) has passed, most low-fare tickets will be sold out and the ticket prices may become more expensive again. We would like to remind you that these are general guidelines. Actual pricing may vary according to the pricing rules set by our airline partners.

3. Are there discounts for infant or child tickets?
Many airlines offer discounted fares for infants, children, and seniors. Discounts vary by the airline, flight, and seat availability during your time of travel. They also vary by travelers' ages. To find out if your fares are discounted, view the breakdown of ticket prices on the left-hand side of the Flight Details page.