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Apple Travel has got you in mind when we come to getting the best deals for you.
The Apple Travel China e-Flight Centre has direct link with the entire China Aviation database. This means we act as a wholesale outlet for all the major Airlines in China.

All flights have discounts at certain time, some more and some less. In order to get the best fares, we need to follow a few rules. Apple Travel can guarantee the lowest price (discount up to 60% off regular price) in your airfare if you follow these steps.

China e-Flight Centre Step-by-Step Airfare Booking Guide

Before you begin searching for airfare, there are a few guidelines to follow to get the best deal.

Step 1: Take a flight early in the morning OR late at night; the first flights at 7.15am OR last flights after 9.00pm are usually heavily discounted.

Step 2: Know when to book. Do not book your flights too early in advance, most of the China airlines do not provide considerable discounts until 30 to 40 days before departure dates. Flights are usually released for heavier discounts 30 days before departure dates.

Step 3: Don't count on last-minute deals. Last minutes airfare deals are becoming increasingly scarce, so don't rely on finding a great fare at the last minute.

Step 4: Go off-peak. Visiting during the off-peak season will yield cheaper fares. Avoid traveling in May Labour Day holidays, October National Day and Chinese New Year in January or February. These are the peak seasons for China domestic tourists.

Step 5: Fly on the most regular routes. Flying from major airports (e.g Beijing Airport, Shanghai Airport, Guangzhou Airport, Shenzhen Airport, Xiamen Airport and Chengdu Airport) or between these airports attract the most discounts. Routes with heaviest traffic usually attract most discounts.

Step 6: Be smart about sales. Keep an eye on airfare sales, but remember that the "sale" prices may not be the cheapest fares around. Search and compare at our e-Flight Centre.

Step 7: At our e-Flight Centre, search and compare the airfares among the airlines found on the table displayed. Compare prices from several carriers to determine which will offer the best price and itinerary for your schedule.