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Xiamen Round-the-Island Road

Located in the southeast of Xiamen Island and beside the sea, the road is the course of C&D Xiamen Interna- tional Marathon and one of the best tourism belts in Xiamen city proper. The road starts from ferry terminal, passing by Yanwu Bridge, Hulishan Fort, Zengcuo'an, Convention and Ex- hibition Center, Wuyuan Bay and the airport, which is 31 kilometers long in total, including 4-kilometer demon- stration section with colored surface. The seashore from Xiamen Univer- sity to Qianpu, about nine kilometers long, is called the golden coastal line, which is a green seaside corridor in- tegrating tourism, sightseeing, leisure and recreation.

Xiamen Round-the-Island Road


The Round-the-Island Road links with numerous tourist attractions, such as the Hulishan Fort, the Shangli Reservoir, the placard of "One Country Two Systems, the Reunification of China," the International Convention and Exhibition Center, temples, ancient trees, weird rocks, sculptures, three sea- side squares, the Coconut Village, En- joying the Moon Slope, the Counting Stars Garden and the Sea Charm Terrace, thus forming a colorful seaside sightseeing belt with rich contents and presenting a leisure zone on the eastern shore consisting of blue sky, sea, sunshine, sand beaches, lawns, green trees, fresh flowers and red-colored pavements.

On the lawn of the East Round-the-Island Road stand 99 lifelike copper statues of marathon athletes, showing different postures. Some stand still, others are running. The sculptures stretch two kilometers to the Interna- tional Convention and Exhibition Center. Later two of the copper statues were transported to Germany. Stand- ing on the Round-the-Island Road, tour- ists can have a nice view of the undu- lating coastal lines, pleasant seaside scenery, and Dadan, Erdan, Areca and Lesser Jinmen islets, as well as Greater Jinmen Island in a distance.

Tips: Tourists are suggested renting bi- cycles with two or three seats. Riding a bicycle slowly along the road will have lingering charm.

Wuyuan Bay


Xiamen Round-the-Island Road-2

Wuyuan Bay is another dazzling pearl on the Round-the-Island Road. A number of appealing pictures form new scenic sights of Wuyuan Bay, such as the myriad twinkling lights of a sea- side city, sailing boats, evening songs by fishermen, unique customs of She ethnic group, reflections of upturned eaves on water and so on. The lei- sure platform with a plank road, the wooden pier, the 8-km round-the-bay pedestrian road, and the lane for stor- age battery cars connect one bay, five bridges and nine scenic spots with one another, forming a round-the-bay sightseeing system. According to the design concept of the "bright moon rising from sea level" of the Wuyuan Bridge, four arch bridges will be built on Wuyuan Bay to present a mag- nificent scene of five arch bridges standing side by side.

Transport: It can be reached by sightseeing buses.

Xiamen at Night

It is the first time for China to create a beautiful night scene by using LED technology on a large scale, called the Night Scene Project of Xiamen. Different atmospheres are created in different zones. A warm and tranquil atmosphere fills the residential quarters and cultural and educational zones; while the busi- ness areas have a prosperous scene with colorful and flittering lights. The project is scattered in Siming, Huli, Haicang and Jimei districts.


Tourists can take a tour of Xiamen at night by sightseeing buses to appreciate the night glamour of Xiamen. Departure station of sightseeing buses (terminal): On the western side of the Xiamen People's Hall