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Xiang'an Tourist Area

The Xiang'an Tourist Area faces Jinmen across the sea, and Dadeng Islet is only 1,800 meters from Jinmen Islet. Three Heroic Islets and Battleground Sightseeing Gar- den are the main tourist attractions in Dadeng on the southeastern coast of Xiang'an, which include the ruins of the battleground, the spot for overlooking the Taiwan Straits, and Small Commodities Market for Taiwan Businessmen which is the only trading market open directly to Taiwan businessmen on the mainland of China and where people can buy famous knives and sorghum liquor of Jinmen.


Three Heroic Islets


The Three Heroic Islets refers to Dadeng, Xiaodeng and Jiaoyu islets under the jurisdiction of Dadeng Town, which is the closest spot to Jinmen of Taiwan from the mainland of China. Due to its special geographi- cal location, the three islets were used to be the forward positions of the battlefield, where emerged many he- roic and moving deeds, hence the name "Three Heroic Islets." The three islets cover a total area of 13.2 square kilometers, among which, Dadeng Islet is the largest, with an area el" 12.18 square kilometers. Many historical re- mains have been left on the three islets, such as the former Broadcast- ing Station to Taiwan, blockhouses, hidden fortresses, trenches, tunnels and other promotion facilities and de- fense works, which have become spe- cial tourist products. Meanwhilc, the three islets are the besl positions to observe Jinmen of Taiwan.


Battleground Sightseeing Garden


Located at the southeastern end of Dadeng lslet, the Battleground Sightseeing Garden covers an area of over 87,000 square meters. After the test of artillery fire, the land was once reduccd to ruins, with 1.5 shells per square meter on average. Now it has become the only multi-functional tourism zone that takes the reunification of the mother- land as the theme and the battleground sightseeing as the contents, and inte- grates patriotic education, leisure and recreation. The sightseeing garden con- sists of 18 tourist attractions, such as "Hall of the Army-Civilian Historical Relics of Three Heroic Islets," "Hall of Military Weapons," "Hero Sculp- tures Square," "Historical Remains of Battlefield Facilities," "Weaponry Models Exhibition Hall of the Navy, Army and Air Force," "Peace Reuni- fication Square," "Pi Te Be Shooting Sports Center," "Seaside Bathing Ground" and "Barbecue Area." In addition, blockhouses, hidden fortresses, trenches and tunnels that can be found everywhere making Dadeng a unique battlefield scenic spot. 


Entering the sightseeing garden, tourists can see a great number of aircrafts, cannons, tanks, patrol boats, warships and other weapons, which once achieved splendid re- sults on the battlefields, in addition to the largest bugle in the world with a diameter of 2.95 meters, blockhouses, sentry posts, protection nets and other military facilities. When walking along the 200-meter tunnels in the battlefield, watching the laser from all directions and bil- lows of power smoke, hearing the guns boomed, feeling the shaking ground, tourists will feel as if they went back to the war years.


Transport: It can be reached by bus No. 56.  

Opening hours: 08:30-18:30  

Admission: RMB 30 yuan/person  

Tel: 86-592-7095201