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Holidays : China: Fujian : Quanzhou Attractions : Anping Bridge

Anping Bridge

Anping Bridge, another name "The Five-li Bridge" stretching over the bay between Anhai Town of  Jinjiang and Shuitou Town of Nan'an was first built in the eighth year of  Shaoxing in the Song dynasty(1138 A.D.). It took 13 years to build it. It is a bridge of granite including the piers and girders, once the longest bridge in ancient China admired as There are no longer bridges than this under the heaven. The bridge as long as 2255 m is supported by 361 piers of square, cymbiform and semi-cymbiform shapes. The road of the bridge is 3 to 3.8 m. The length of the floorings varies from 5 to 11 m. The heaviest weighs 25 tons. There are the stone handrails on both sides of the bridge, five pavilions on the bridge. Chaoran Pavilion in the east, Haichao Pavilion in the west, Sishui Temple in the middle, another two on either end of the bridge. They were set up for pedestrians to take a rest.