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Qingyuan Hill


It is the north protective screen of Quanzhou, 498m above sea lever covering an area of 62km2, which is famous for the 36 grottoes and 18 views ever since. Qingyuan Hill is impressive for its rock and graceful for its spring. A famous person in Yuan dynasty admired Qingyuan Hill as“ The NO.1 Hill on the Min (Fujian) Territory”. It was first exploited in the Qin dynasty. In the Tang dynasty, three religions “Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism” came to compete for spheres of influence, afterwards, Islam, Manichaeism, and Hinduism left their footmarks here and eventually it became a renowned cultural hill allowing of multiple religions. Six stone statues represented by the Laozi Stone Statue from the Song and Yuan periods have been included in the list of the national safeguard cultural relics.

Lingshan Holy Tomb
Qingyuan Hill


Bus 3 15 28 601 30

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RMB50.00 per person