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Eryi Lou - The King of Round Tulou

Eryi lou, the king of round tulou in fujian & China
Eryi Lou was built in the 5th year of Emperor Qianlong’s Reign in the Qing Dynasty(1740) by Jiang Shixiong, “distinguished squire in Zhangzhou”(An honor granted by Zhangzhou Governor in the Qing Dynasty) and the fourteenth generation of Jiang Clan, it covers an area of 9,300 square meters, and faces the northwest.
The outer ring has four floors with a height of 16 meters, a thick wall of 2.53 meters, and a diameter of  73.4 meters. The Tulou consists of two annular constructions. The whole building is divided into 16 units with totally 213 rooms in them.

Eryi Lou is rich in cultural connotation. Inside the Tulou there are 226 murals which occupy a total of 593 square meters; 228 color paintings covering 99 square meters; 349 pieces of wooden sculptures and 163 couplets. They are unique in numerous Tulou buildings in Fujian and rare in China’s civilian residences, which can be called “treasures of folk arts.” Walls of unit 3,6,10, pasted many 1931 issues of New York Times and 1932 issues of the New York Evening Journal, and is painted with a western clock and a western lady with the marks of translation, these witnessed the cultural communication between the east and the west.

The layout of plan and space of it is of unique feature, its defensive system is of unique creativity, and its structure differs from others, the ornaments inside are exquisite and magnificent, it can be called “King of Round Tulou” and “No.1 Tulou in China”, it also can be the representative of the Tulou buildings with separate units in Fulao Community, who, together with Hakka Community, constitutes two important branches of the Han Nationality in Fujian Province. In November 1996, Eryi Lou was listed among the fourth batch of the major historic sites under national protection by the State Council.