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Holidays : China: Fujian : Longyan Attractions : Travel to Meihua Mountain to watch the South China Tiger in its Habitat

Travel to Meihua Mountain to watch the South China Tiger in its Habitat

The Meihua Mountain Nature Reserve is located in the southwestern part of Fujian, Longyan. The reserve covers an area of 225.7 square kilometres and the forest coverage rate is 89%. It has been listed as the national forest and wild animal protection center.

The climate at Meihua Mountain Nature Reserve is really pleasant, neither too hot in the summer nor too cold in the winter. It is also the water source of the Minjiang River, Jiulong River and Tingjiang River and enjoys a reputation of the mother mountain of Fujian.


 The entrance of Meihua Natural Reserve


The Meihua Mountain Natural Reserve is rich in plant species as well as animal species. In the reserve, there are 42 species of wild animals which are listed as the special state protection such as the South China tiger, clouded leopard, leopard, and black bear. It is considered as the Town of South China Tiger.

The South China Tiger Reserve on Meihua Mountain was set up in 1985. Lots of the experts from China and abroad consider it as the most ideal habitat for the South China tiger. Since its founding, it has been attracting thousands of visitors every year.


The South China tiger are well protected in Meihua Mountain Natural Reserve

The South China tiger is a unique Chinese species. However, with the destruction of the environment, the number of South China tigers has decreased and been on the verge of extinction. According to statistics, the number of south china tigers is less than 100 in China. At present, the South China tigers are well protected in the Meihua Natural Reserve of 220 square kilometres. It is estimated the number will reach 100 by 2010. Moreover, the reserve will be expected to be an international natural reserve for the protection of the South China tiger.



The natural beauty of Meihua Moutain Natural Reserve

Also, Meihua Mountain is a gifted rich natural beauty. There are valleys, forest landscape, waterfall, queer stones, caves, and many other wonders. 

How to get there:


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1)Take a coach to Shanghang District, Longyan at Hubinnan Bus Station; then take bus to Meihua Mountain Natural Reserve.

2) Use a travel agent:


Renting a van packaged with driver is the next best alternative. Call Apple Travel to organize a group tour. If you’ve a small group, The ideal number in the group is 5 or 6.


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