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Holidays : China: Fujian : Longyan Attractions : Travel to the town of flower, Yongfu in Zhangping

Travel to the town of flower, Yongfu in Zhangping

The statue of a Camelias girl is also the landmark of the town
Yongfu Town, located in the south part of Zhangping city, is a famous town of flowers and trees. It belongs to the subtropical zone, enjoying an oceanic monsoon climate. The weather is moderate all year round. Without a chilly winter or torrid summer, the annual average temperature falls between 18 and 20 degree centigrade ( 64 and 68 degree Fahrenheit). It is an alpine garden-like tourist resort.
Yongfu Town was once an important cultural, trade and business centre in it's history. It was located on the important line of the Chinese cultural transmission, and was the first station where the Han nationality and the minority blended.
The road to Yongfu Town
As a town of flowers and trees, Yongfu Town is rich in various species of flowers and trees. There are azalea, camellia, orchid and the daphne, hornbeam, rhapis humilis, osmanthus and kaffir lily. Besides, Yongfu is considered as the biggest cultivation base of azalea in China.
In recent years, Yongfu has become famous all over the world for its flower planting. Its flowers are sold to Southeast Asian and European countries, and the flower planting has been a pillar industry in the town. 
When entering the center of Yongfu Town, you will see a statue of a Camelias girl which was built in the first lunar month in 1986. On the frontispiece of the statue are four big characters "Yongfuhuaxiang" ( means the flower town - Yongfu ) brush-written by Ludingyi.
There are greenhouses arrayed at the ten mile flower street in the town
There is a ten mile flower street in the town. The greenhouses are arrayed at the side of the street. Various species of flowers become an attractive scenery.
Most families in Yongfu like planting flowers and trees in their own houses. Every year on the 6th day of the first month of the lunar calendar, the annual traditional Flower Festival of Yongfu is celebrated in the town. On that day, most flower growers will bring their plants to the market and the festival attracts lots of merchants and tourists every year.
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