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Xikeng Village - one of Xiamen's top 10 beautiful villages

Xikeng Village, one of the top 10 beautiful villages in Xiamen









Xiamen, awarded as the most beautiful garden city in China, is gifted with natural sightseeing resource, landscape, and man-made structures such as Gulangyu Island, Nanputuo Temple, and beaches along Huandao Road, which contribute to the sense of cozyness and the cultural elements of Xiamen Island.

Within Xiamen Island, you can see the prosperous of the city by its complete city infrastructures: shopping malls, night clubs, gardens, museums and sports centres. Then, if you travel outside the Xiamen Island, you can see the different beauty of Xiamen by its country landscapes. To promote the development of Xiamen's countryside, the Xiamen government held the selection of the top 10 beautiful villages at countyside.
About 80 kilometres from the Xiamen urban centre, Xikeng Village was selected as one of Xiamen's top 10 beautiful villages in 2006, which is at the juncture of Tong'an of Xiamen, Changtai of Zhangzhou and Anxi of Quanzhou. Located at the hillside and gifted with beautiful mountainous landscapes, the village is also well-known as the "Little Tibet in Xiamen". It is a paradise for the photographers.
Driving through the hilly road, you will finally see the beautiful terrace fields planted with tea trees, and arrays of farmhouses built by the stones. The village consists of the most original features such as chickens, ducks, pigs and stacks of firewood piled outside the farmhouses.
What you can taste at Xikeng Village:
As you travel to a village, having a taste of the local farmhouse dishes is a must. The authentic chicken or duck soup, the rice fried with mustard, and the healthy vegetables grown by the local farmers create a healthy and tasty meal. Besides, you can also try the local Tieguanyin tea.
What you can explore at Xikeng Village:
The beautiful Xikeng Village can be a nice destination for hiking. There are age-old pine trees, waterfalls and clear and clear creeks. Paths are surrounded by subtropical trees and bamboo. You will enjoy exploring in virgin woodlands. 

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