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Holidays : China: Fujian : Xiamen Attractions : Haicang's East Palace, built in honour of Song Dynasty medicine man

Haicang's East Palace, built in honour of Song Dynasty medicine man

The entrance of Qingjiao Ciji Temple Scenic Spot
Qingjiao Ciji Temple, also called East Palace, is located on the Dongming Range, Qishan Mountain in Qingjiao Village, Haicang. It was built in 1151 in the Song Dynasty in honor of Wu Ben, a "Medical Saint", who was famous and worshipped by people in south Fujian, Kinmen and Taiwan. Every year on his birthday, thousands of the people from Xiamen, Taiwan and Kinmen will hold the ceremony to worship him, which is just like the ceremony for the Goddess Matsu. The Qingjiao Ciji Temple now has become a popular site in Xiamen.
About Wuben and Qingjiao Ciji Temple
Wuben's statue

Wuben, born in 979 A.D. in Xiamen, is a popular and famous doctor during the Song Dynasty who was devoted himself to TCM research. He gained great respect from the locals due to his excellent medical skills. In 1033, Wu died from an accident as he fell off a cliff while gathering herbs for a cure for the plague. After his death, locals honored him with the title of "Medical Saint " for his contribution to the medical field, and collected money to build a hall and statue for him.
In 1161, the Emperor granted the hall the title of Ciji Miao, and in 1241 it was renamed Ciji Gong (Ciji Palace). In 1999 the temple was restored to its original design, and today, thousands of pilgrims make the trek to pay homage to him.
The feature of Ciji Temple







Qingjiao Ciji Temple can be considered as an architectural art in the Song Dynasty. In the temples, there are ten stone pillars with delicate carvings of dragons, wood carvings of animals, flowers, and characters made by porcelain.
The Scenic spots near the temple
As the temple is located in the suburbs, it features a different landscape from that of Nanputuo Temple. It is a nice place free from the hustle and bustle of the city. Other scenic spots near the temple are the Riyuegu Hot springs resort, Tianzhushan Mountain and the orchard where you can pick and buy fresh and cheap strawberries from local farmers. 

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