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Located in the south of central Hainan, 76km away from Sanya, Baoting is the only place in the world boasting tropical rainforest and a natural hot spring. The county is also one of the very few autonomous counties in China to win national titles such as "National Clean County”, “National Garden County”, “National Cultural County”, and “National Traditional Art County”.

Many international and domestic renowned hotel brands have expanded and are set to continue their expansion into this area, including Anantara, Narada, Waldorf Astoria, Melia and InterContinental. Meanwhile, a variety of hot-spring themed hotels have sprung up in recent years and gradually gained public recognition including the Litchi Garden Hot Spring Resort.

Unlike Sanya’s sunny weather, white beach and blue sea, this area is better explored on mountain bikes or in rock caves. Famous scenic spots in this area include the Yanoda Cultural Tourism Zone, Binglang Valley in Baoting Ganshen Natural Reserve, as well as Mt. Qixianling.

Other scenic spots planned for development in the near future include the 23-kilometer-long Xianlong Cave, the longest cave in the South China region, and Xian’an Shilin, which has the world’s largest tropical karst topography. For the traveler after something more leisurely, hot springs, rural scenery and traditional folk culture help entice a wide range of tourists from luxury travelers to adventure hikers and nature lovers.
Baoting is the area where Li and Miao ethnic groups live, and the population of these two groups accounts for 60% of the whole county population. Meanwhile, you can feel the traditional culture in the air. “Making Fire by Rubbing Sticks”, “Brocade of Li Ethnic Group”, “Quilt made from Tree bark” and “Traditional Bamboo Musical Instruments” have all been put on the list of National Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection items. It has the most protected cultural heritages among all cities and areas in Hainan.

While staying in Baoting, you should not miss the authentic Li food. The "surfing fish”, "sleep-on-tree chicken”, "un-homing cattle” or the "five-leg pig", using a variety of herbs that grow naturally in the tropical rain forest, are the most representative local dishes to finish your visit here. 

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