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2 days historic trip to Chongwu Ancient City and Xunpu

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Highlights: Ancient Stone City , 5 star beach resort and special oyster houses.

Chongwu Ancient City : Chongwu Ancient City, located on the southern tip of Chongwu Peninsula, Fujian Province is a national heritage conservation unit of China. The Chongwu ancient city wall is one of the seven ancient city walls in China.

The Ancient Wall of Chongwu Ancient City The-stone-carvings-in-chongwu
The city wall of Chongwu Ancient City and the stone carving park

Its historical records trace the construction of the origin of the City to defensive fortification back to the year 1387 A. D., during the reign of the Ming Dynasty. Therefore, many experts are also eager to come here for historical research. Nowadays, Chongwu Ancient City is popular with the travellers. Most people visit there for its Stone Carving Park, which can be considered as the museum of stone carving.

The Stone Carving Park was built beside and on the beach taking an area of 9 hectares. The stone carvings there are of a large variety and with profound meaning. Those stone carvings show the charm of the nature and they record the history and culture of Chongwu and China.

West-Gulf Resort : West-Gulf Resort, located in Hui’an County, the China’s famous "Charming Ancient Town", on the seashore of Chongwu Town, is a large conference centre and resort hotel, it is built in accordance to the international five-star hotel standard.


Buffet breakfast, those found in all 5 star hotels in China is included in the price, and you will feel value for money once you have ‘pigged out’, lying in the deckchair by the swimming pool with beaches just metres away.

The hotel combines the beaches and seashore natural resources with the modern design, garden landscape to achieve the perfect combination of the man-made structures and nature.

The resort has large parking lots, multi-functional conference centre with built in system of vocal language translation or simultaneous interpretation.
The resort has restaurants providing all the delicious food in the F&B, Chinese and western restaurant and the open-air bars.
The resort has luxurious sea-view rooms, a variety of healthy recreational programmes, all kinds of entertainment activities on the sea and ultra-luxurious Crystal Palace entertainment center facilities.

Oyster houses in Xunpu : Erkecuo houses have a long history which can be dated back to the Qing Dynasty. They are of high artistic value and only scatted in Xunpu Village, Quanzhou.
Erkecuo houses are covered with big oyster shells. Unlike the shells in local areas, the shells on Erkecuo houses are bigger. According to the instruction of some experts, those shells are from Africa.


Oyster shells on the Erkecuo houses are bigger than the local ones 

To build an Erkecuo one needs excellent artisanry. Before building it, there is some preparation work needed. First, the builder should consider the ride of the house and build at the request of the house-owner and make the design. Second, select the shells according to design. Third, the shells should be washed and sorted.A well built wall of an Erkecuo house is like a fishscale; in good order and unique style. It is really a wonderful work of people's effort and intelligence.

Tour Code: XMCW2D1N-R-035XM-LY
Start: Xiamen
Finish: Xiamen
Departure time: Daily
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Day by Day Itinerary

Day 1: Xiamen to Chongwu

1) Pick up at 08:30 a.m.
2) Take a 2 hours drive to Chongwu. Upon arrival, check in Sea View Room of West-Gulf Resort (recommanded) or other hotel in Chongwu.

Lunch: Dine in West-Gulf Resort or the surrounding restaurants at 12:00. (at your own expense)

1) Visit Stone Carving Factory (about 1 hour)
2) Free arrangement. You can take leisure activities in West-Gulf Resort or in the surrounding places. (There are swimming pools, gym and other recreation sites in West-Gulf Resort.)

Dinner: Have buffet dinner in West-Gulf Resort at 18:30.

Day 2: Chongwu - Xunpu - Xiamen

Breakfast: Have breakfast in West-Gulf Resort at 9:00 a.m. and then check out.

1) Visit Chongwu Ancient City and the stone carving group.(about 1.5 hour)
2) Take a 1.5 hours drive to Xunpu Village.

Have lunch in Xunpu Village at 13:00. You can have a taste of fresh seafood there. (at your own expense )  

1) Visit the houses made from oyster shells and the costume of Xunpu style. (about 1 hour)
2) Take a 2 hours drive back to Xiamen at 15:00.
3) Arrive in Xiamen at about 17:00.

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Price includes:

1. All transfer and transportation


3. Entrance fees

4. Lunch and dinner (breakfast in the hotel)

5. Accommodation  ( 5-star beach resort, twin share) 

Price not Include:

1. Tips for driver

2. Leisure activities in West-Gulf Resort