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Niumulin Natural Reserve Tour

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The Niumulin Natural Reserve was named after its shape looking like “a pregnant cow conceiving treasures”. It is a provincial natural reserve ossessing unique mountain landscapes. Within the area there are 1800 species of tracheophyta belonging to 214 families, more than 200 species of wild vertebrates belonging to 96 different families and 73 species of wild butterflies. Inside the spot there are the restaurant, the specimen museum for plants and animals, tourist shopping street, the beard garden, the cableway, shooting range and other tourist facilities. It has become the most important ecological tourist spot in the South Fujian. More than 100,000 people come here for tourism every year. It is a good example for ecological tourist construction in the coastal areas.                                      

                                     Niumulin Natural Reserve  
                                          The entrance of Niumulin Natural Reserve 

The Niumulin Natural Reserve, located in Xiayang Town, Yongcun County, Quanzhou, is a Fujian provincial-level nature reserve and enjoys a reputation of Xishuang Banna in Minnan's area. With an area of 1000 hectares, the Niumulin Natural Reserve is a summer resort. The average temperature of the whole year is between 17—18?, and in summer that is between 25—28?.  It's like spring all year round.
The Niumulin Natural Reserve, considered as a Museum of Natural History, has a wide variety of plants and animals. There are 760 species of trees in the park. However, among those trees, the most amazing tree is the Cyclocarya paliurus, which is nearly 30 meters high and the largest tree in Fujian. 
                                            Various trees in Niumulin Nature Reserve
When you visit the park, you can probably see wild animals such as monkeys, civet cats, and others. The Teinopalpus aureus is a first-grade state protection species.
Walking on the path where you will feel the fresh air with subtle floral notes, and hearing birds twittering and the murmuring of running water, you can get to Hudiequan Waterfall, which will provide you a cool feeling in the summer.
In the Niumulin Natural Reserve, there is a Qingqianliu tourist villa. There you can taste local farmhouse dishes, some of which are cooked with wild vegetables that can be only found in the mountains. 

Likebracken, Dendropanax chevalieri, gardon asparagus, and konjak; these wild vegetables are not only precious but also good for your health. Also, in Hongzhushanzhuang, there are some activities for the visitors such as grass-skiing, shooting, archery, and many others. 


Tour Code: XMYC1D0N-R-032XM-LY

Start: Xiamen

Finish: Xiamen

Duration: Approx. 9.5hours

Departure time: Daily


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Day by Day Itinerary


1. Pick up at 8:30 and take a 3 hours drive to Niumulin Natural Reserve

Lunch: Dine in Luyeqing villa to taste local snacks at 12:00(about 1 hour )


1. Visit Niumulin Natural Reserve (about 2.5 hours)

2. Take a 3 hours drive back to Xiamen at 15:30

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