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Hotspring and Water trip



Water Trip to the Northeastern Fujian (4D3N)

Tour Code: XMMD4D3N-R-045XM-LY
Start: Xiamen
Finish: Xiamen
Departure time: Daily


Day 1
Take a 4.5 hours drive to Huangchulin Hotspring Resort
Lunch: Dine in Fuzhou or Minqing 
Afternoon: Free time in Huangchulin Hotspring Resort
Evening: Check into Huangchulin Hotspring Resort 

Day 2
Take a 3 hours drive to Pingnan Baishuiyang
Lunch: dine in the restaurant on the way (about 1 hour ) 
1. Free time at Baishuiyang (about 2 hours)
2. Take a 1.5 hours drive to Liyu River, Zhouning (70 kilometres) 
Evening:Check into the hotel in Zhouning County
Day 3
1. Take a 0.5 hour drive from Zhouning County to Liyu River, Zhouning 
2. Free time at Liyu River (about 1.5 hours)     
Lunch: Dine in the restaurant near Liyu River Scenic spot (about 1 hour) 
1. Take an hour drive to Jiulong Ji Waterfall, Zhouning 
2. Take a 2 hours drive to Ningde 
Evening: Check into the hotel in Ningde City
Day 4
1. Take an hour drive from Ningde to Sandu Ao
2. Visit Sandu Ao (about 2 hours) 
Lunch: Dine in Sandu Ao    
Afternoon: Take a 4 hours drive back to Xiamen 

Price of this Tour:

Group Size
7p and more
Cost per person
in RMB

Price includes:
1. All transfer and Tours with private vehicle and local English speaking tour guide
2. Entrance fees 
3. Lunch
Price Not Include: 
1. Hotel accommodation 2. Tips for guide and driver
1-6 person: Hyundai Refine MPV or similar
7-10 person: 19-seat Golden Dragon coach or similar
No shopping

3D2N Hotspring Leisure Tour at Trithorn Hotspring Resort Xiamen 

Trithorn Hotspring Resort Xiamen is a first five stars resort under Best Western Group. It is a good destination for people who are seeking to relax and de-stress during weekend.

Trithorn Hotspring Resort Xiamen

For a leisure weekend in Trithorn Hotspring Resort, the guests can not only enjoy themselves by the nature hotspring spas, but also can kill the time in a comfortable place with cozy accommodation and complete leisure and recreative equipments. The gym, billiard room, pingpong room, mini golf green, outdoor swimming pool and running track, outdoor excericse yard and card room. Furthermore, the combination of the gourmet food satisfy the guests from all over the world. There are cuisines from China, Japan, Europe and Southeast Asia.

Day 1: Friday night

Pick up from the airport and trans to Trithorn Hotspring Resort Xiamen.

Day 2: Saturday

Relax at Trithorn Hotspring Resort

Day 3: Sunday

Relax at Trithorn Hotspring Resort. Late afternoon, pick up from the hotel and trans to airport.

Room type: Garden View Deluxe Room(twin beds or king size)


1P: RMB1420
2P: RMB790 per person (1 double room)
3P: RMB950 per person (1 double room+1 simgle room)
4P: RMB750 per person ( 2 double rooms)
5P: RMB850 per person (2 double rooms+1 simgle room)
6P or more: RMB740 per person(3 double rooms)

Price includes:
1. Transportation between Xiamen Airport and the hotel
2. Daily enterance fee for public Hotspring. One has no need to go to public hotspring for spa, as there are private hotspring pools in each room.
3. Accommodation with breakfast as listed
4. Free access to the public Hotspringe for morning jogging
5. 24 hours free domestic toll call 24

Price not Include:
1. Tips for driver