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Xinjiang Highlights Tour

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Cities : Urumqi,Turfan, Korla ,Kucha ,Hotan ,kashgar.

Attractions: Heavenly Lake (Tianchi) , Xianjiang Provincial Museum , Bezeklik Thousand  Cave Karez Irrigation, Jiaohe Rruins, Imen Minaret ,Flaming mountain, temin pass, Kizil Thousand budda caves , kucha grand mosque and local market , desert highway ,Tarim river   jade river,loacl silk workshops, Hotan market ,  Abakh Khoja Tomb,Idkah Mosque,old town area of the city ,Sunday market, karakul lake, Uighur family dinner.

Day by Day Itinerary



Xianjiang Provincial Museum

Arrive to Urumqi meet at the airport and we will take you to the hotel ,after a nice fresh up visit Xianjiang Provincial Museum where you can have lots of informations about the region in short time ,then visit the uighur night market area of the city and try delicious snacks .(stay overnight in Urumqi).



Xianjiang Heavenly Lake

Drive to the heavenly lake ,the fresh highr elevation offers a beautiful scenery of Alpine forests surround  the jade-blue lake withen 120 km from Urumqi .we can trek around the lake either on foot or by riding horse ,late afternoon back to urumqi and stay over night .





Imen Minaret

Drive to Turfan ,a historcal town of the region and an important hub of the silk road . In tow and half ahours we will be in Turfan check in hotel,then visit the Imen Minaret(distinctive style chimney-shaped high tower stands at the side of  mosque with the history more then 300 years )  and have lunch in uighur house in the grape valley, the cool area of the city full of variety grapes of the region.

The afternoon tour is more colourful as well ,visit the Thousand budd caves on the way enjoy the nice view of the flaming mountain and Jiao he ancien city ruin , one of the most well preserved city ruin of it’s type in the world.



Karez Irrigation

Before leave for korla visit the Karez Irrigation of Turfan city and understand how the people of Turfan coped with high evaporation and low rainfall and how they surviving in such hot palce .the drive to Korla will take us around 4 hours so we may either have  lunch on the way or a bit late lunch in korla ,check in hotel and after a nice fresh up visit the Temin pass ,once an important pass of the silk road also between north and southern xinjiang ,and enjoy the beautiful scenery of  peacoc river which cross the center of the city .



Kucha Grand Mosque

leave for kucha ,kucha was one of the most important center of the Buddism for Xinjiang and china ,also a key hub of the middle route of silk road withen Xinjiang ,after arriving kucha check in hotel ,in the afternoon Visit the subashi temple and kucha grand mosque .



Visit the Kizil Thousand budda caves which belongs to 3 to 7th centry and take the country side road to drive Aksu and have good rest.



Taklimakan Desert

Aksu to Hotan,isolated historical town by Taklimakan desert and a trading hub of the silk road also a place where you can still have the chance to feel and see smell of ancien silk road  traditional of the uighur people ,on the Enjoy the amazing high send dunes .



Hotan Local Market

Hotan city tour ,Visit the jade river where local people pich up the best jade in china from the river and local silk and carpet workshops ,and local market area of hotan .


Hotan to kashgar : kashgar is one of the most important hub of the silk road and cultural center of uighur people and Xinjiang .The drive will be longer then the other days but on the way still some to enjoy in Yarkand one of capital of uighur kingdom and Yingsar the knife town of china ,stay overnight in kashgar .



Kashgar livestock market

kashgar city tour ,explore the sights like Abakh Khoja Tomb which is one of the finest examples of Islamic and uighur architecture , Idgahg mosque the largest mosque in china ,old town of kashgar where you can have a lot of information about the life, culture , custom and living condetion house styles of the uighur people ,Sunday market a place for enjoying the uighur hand crafts ,livestock market where you can have a lot fun by watching the deals and test drives of donky and horses ,have lunch with uighr family and learn more about their culture.



Karakul Lake

Visit karakul lake ,drive along the world famous karakurum highway (KKH)for 120 miles west of kashgar and on the way enjoy the amazing landscape of pamir plateau .Karaku lake is at an elevation of about 9,000 feet, it reflects a deep-blue sky and snow-capped mountains Muztagata (fater of ice mountain ) Kongur peaks .The area was  a stop along the ancient Silk Road, the area offers the visitor a true sense of the remoteness experienced by those early traders. Activities include camel-riding or horseback riding or trek on foot around the lake as well ,late in the afternoon drive back to kashgar.


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