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Start a journey to Xingjiang’s largest and highest alpine lake--Sayram Lake

From RMB 6,310

Sayram Lake (Chinese: 赛里木湖) is located in the Bortala Prefecture near the Tian Shan Mountains, Xinjiang, China.



Sayram means “blessing" in the Kazakh language, and “a lake on the ridge” in the Mongolian language. It is the highest and the largest alpine lake in Xinjiang.



The Sayram Lake was originally free of fish. In 1998, some special fish species able to survive in cold water temperatures were imported from Russia to Xinjiang and then farmed in the lake. After ten years of development, Sayram Lake has now become an important cold-water fish production base in Xinjiang.



The crystal-clear Sayram Lake is a haven for flocks of ducks and swans, and the vast grasslands around the lake make it an excellent place for horses and sheep. The scenery around the lake changes over the four seasons. In winter, the nearby ridges are buried in snow. In spring, the mountain slope is covered with a green blanket dotted with bright, blooming flowers.




Summer and autumn are the best seasons to visit Sayram Lake because in those two seasons the lake is calm and beautiful, and its surface is as smooth as a mirror. The Mongolian people celebrate the “Nadam Fair” from late July to early August every year. The Nadam Fair features horse-racing, wrestling, and folk singing and dancing.


Six-day tour to Yili Sayram Lake and Narati

Day 1: Arrive in Urumqi by plane 

Travel to Urumqi by plane. When you arrive at the airport in Urumqi, there will be an employee waiting there to pick you up and take you to the hotel for check in. After check in, visit the Erdaoqiao International Grand Bazaar (二道桥国际大巴扎), a famous shopping center in Urumqi where you can purchase Xinjiang ethnic minority specialties and handicrafts. Stay overnight in Urumqi.

Day 2: Visit Urumqi, Sayram Lake, and Yining city

After breakfast, take a bus to Sayram Lake. Before you arrive at Sayram Lake, take in the beautiful scenery at Tarchi Daban (果子沟) in Yili. Temporary parking is not allowed during the journey. When you arrive at Sayram Lake, the tour begins. Stay overnight in Yining City.

Meal included: breakfast

Day 3: Yining city / Karajun scenic spot

After breakfast, visit the World Natural Heritage site, Karajun Scenic Spot (喀拉峻景区), by boat. Stay overnight in Tekes County (特克斯县).

Meal included: breakfast

Day 4: Tekes county / Narati scenic spot

After breakfast, take a bus to Narati scenic spot and enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides of the road. After lunch, enter the Narati Scenic Spot for sightseeing by tour bus. (Time for sightseeing is around 3.5 hours in total, including the time for the tour bus to enter and leave the scenic spot.) Tourists can move about freely after arriving at the core scenic area. In the evening, take part in a bonfire party held at the scenic spot and enjoy a Kazakh song-and-dance (哈萨克族歌舞) performance. Stay overnight in Narati town.

Meal included: breakfast

Day 5: Return to Urumqi from Narati

After breakfast, return to Urumqi by bus and then stay overnight in Urumqi.

Meals included: Breakfast

Day 6: Urumqi airport drop-off

After breakfast, Your tour guide and driver will drop you off at the Lhasa airport, marking the end of tour services.

Meals included: breakfast

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1.Transport in Xinjiang
2. Local English tour guide
3. Entrance tickets
4. Four-star hotel

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1. Lunch and dinner
2. Plane fare