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Hundred-Flower Village

Hundred-Flower Village, about 2.5 km from Zhangzhou City proper in the southern suburb, in a sea of flowers, is a famous spot for viewing flowers. The village was originally called Changfu Village. Since Yongle Period in the Ming Dynasty, villagers have lived by planting and selling flowers.

In 1963, Zhu De, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, came here to enjoy the flower show and suggested that the village be built into a "hundred-flowered village". Thus, the village changed its name to present one. Now, villagers have planted more than twenty thousand species of flowers and cultivated more than ten thousand potted flowers and miniature trees, many of which found market abroad.

100 Flower Village 100 Flower Village was founded about 500 years ago when a descendant of the famous philosopher Zhu Xi fled to Zhangzhou to escape political persecution. One night he fell asleep, stone drunk, and had a dream of flower fairies descending from heaven. They danced, and sang, “Growing flowers brings eternal happiness, enjoying flowers brings long life.” He awoke and named the place Changfu (Lasting Happiness), and his descendants have been growing flowers ever since and now have over 20,000 kinds of flowers, with water sprite flower (narcissus) as Zhangzhou’s most prized flower.