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Go hiking in Guangdong


The Dapeng Peninsula, with a 133-kilometer tortuous coastline, is a national geological park. The coastline is regarded as one of the eight most beautiful in China. The peninsula lies in eastern Shenzhen, and about three-quarters of it is forest.

Among the attractions are precipitous hills, bizarre rock formations and a dozen beaches, including Xiasha, Xichong, Dongchong and Judiaosha. There are over 230 types of birds, 1,500 varieties of plants and 37 species of animals.

There's skydiving for the adventurous, and, for the less bold, take a banana boat ride or hike the coastline.


Skydiving can only be undertaken if adventurers have undergone training. Two clubs there offer training.

Transportation: You can find a bus to Lufeng at most bus stations or you can drive all the way to Lion Mountain by taking the Shenzhen-Shantou Expressway to Shanwei City. The whole trip takes about five hours.

Accommodation: You can stay in hotels in Lufeng or camp out at the skydiving venues.

Yingxi Mountain Forest, located in Yingde District, Qingyuan City in northwest Guangdong, is called Little Guilin because of its spectacular landscape of mountains, rivers, lakes, rocks and caves formed by karst geomorphology.

Popular attractions include mountain forests, the 400-year-old Ancestral Temple of Peng Family, Sky-kissing Rock, Golden Dragon Cave, Swallow Rock and Peach Blossom Lake.

The limestones in Yingxi are very suitable for rock climbing, and more than 30 routes have been developed.

Danxia Mountain, which is also called Chinese Redstone Park, is located in Renhua County in Shaoguan City in north-central Guangdong. China has the largest area of redstone geomorphology in the world, the majority of which is found in Danxia Mountain.

The redstones found on Danxia Mountain are famous for their variety and shapes. Every year more than 600,000 tourists visit the mountain.

Recommended hiking route:

Grand Bridge—Shaoshi Villa—Baizhaiding—Golden Turtle Rock (or Jingui Rock) for camping—Niubi-Nuankeng—Jiuchong Rock or Dragon King Rock for camping—Dongkeng Reservoir—Wuxian Rock-Bian Village—Yellow House

Recommended rappelling route:

Most of the mountain is suitable for abseiling.


Tourists should be guided by abseiling professionals.

Transportation: Take a train at the Shenzhen Railway Station to Shaoguan and then take a sightseeing bus to Danxia Mountain. The whole trip takes less than six hours.

Accommodation: The hostels at the foot of the mountain cost 80 to 100 yuan per night. Or you can camp on the mountain if you are keen on sunrises.

Qingyuan City, in northwest Guangdong, is famous for its rivers, hot springs, craggy caves and forests. There are also people from the Yao and Zhuang minority groups living there. Attractions include Feixia Scenery Spot, Qingxin Hot Springs, Lianzhou Underground River, waterfall clusters and ancient temples.

Among the popular rafting routes are Xuanzhen Valley in Qingxin County, Huangteng Valley in Qingchen District and Feixia Green River in Yingde District.

You will be able to kiss nature in a rubber raft floating down the rivers and enjoying the green mountains, fresh air and misty rain. Occasional turbulent rapids will have your heart beating fast.


Rafting can be dangerous, so it’s best not to go solo. Join a rafting tour operated by a travel agent.

Transportation: Take a bus to Qingyuan and then take a sightseeing bus to different attractions. The trip takes around six hours.

Accommodation: You can stay in hotels in different districts or counties, the prices of which are similar to those in other cities.

You had a good rest and plenty to eat during the weeklong Spring Festival holiday. So are you prepared to do something exciting and lose that extra weight before putting on that skimpy summer wear?

Then explore some of the most popular destinations for outdoor activities in Guangdong.

Yingxi Mountain Forest

Outdoor sports: Rock climbing and hiking

Recommended hiking route:

Shuikou General Mountain—Yanbei Town—Mingjing Town—Bandit Village—Shangri-La

Recommended rock climbing route: Most of the routes are near Mingjing Town.


Tourists should be guided by rock-climbing professionals.

Transportation: You can find a bus to Qingyuan at most bus stations, then take a bus to Jiulong Town in Yingde. The trip takes about six hours.

Jiulong Town-Mingjing Town: The 10-minute trip costs two yuan.

Mingjing Town-Yanbei Town: The 30-minute trip costs five yuan. (There are only three returning buses)

Accommodation: The government hotel in Jiulong with private bathrooms charges only 40 yuan per night. A double room at Mingjing Resort costs 250 yuan per night. In Yanbei, the government hotel charges 10 to 20 yuan per night.


Outdoor sports: rafting

Danxia Mountain

Outdoor sports: hiking and rappelling

Lufeng mountainous areas

Outdoor sports: skydiving

Lufeng in Shanwei City in southeast Guangdong is famous for its mountains, plains and mesas, which are particularly suitable for skydiving. In recent years it has become a popular destination for many skydivers from Hong Hong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

Lion Mountain, which is in front of Elephant Mountain, rises about 280 meters and holds beautiful waterfalls, peaks, volcanic rock clusters and caves.

Dapeng Peninsula

Outdoor sports: coastline hiking

Recommended hiking route:

Dongchong-Xichong or Guodian-Haichaijiao-Nan’ao Island-E’gong Bay-Dalu Port


Coastline hiking can be dangerous, and visitors are advised to join hiking clubs.

Transportation: Take a bus to Nan’ao, which costs 15 yuan, and take a bus to Dongchong or Xichong at five to 10 yuan. It takes less than three hours.

Accommodation: You can stay in hostels or seashore cottages in Nan’ao, Dongchong or Xichong at 100 to 200 yuan per night.

Source: Shenzhen Daily 

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