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Scenic tour to Kinmen during 2010 Kinmen Marathon

The annual Kinmen Marathon is going to be held on 16th January. Starting from the Kinmen Technology College, the 42 kilometres long course runs through half of the island and passes by numerous scenic spots. If you are planning a tour to watch the exciting marathon over there, here are some major tourist areas that you should not miss.
Major tourist areas along Kinmen marathon course
Ci Lake

Ci Lake, located in the northwest of the island and near the Kuningtou battlefield, has 120 hectares of fish-farming for local residents. It is Kinmen's foremost bird watching area. At high tide, a large flock of birds gather to rest and search for food in the shallow water areas. There has been nearly 200 bird species that have been discovered here. It is a must see bird-watching tourist spot in Kinmen.
Ci Lake was first built for defence, but has become a tourist spot for bird watching.
Taiwu Mountain
Kinmen Island covers an area of 150.145 square kilometers. The island is made up primarily of granite. The highest point, Taiwu Mountain, rises 253 meters above sea level. This mountain is the source of numerous streams that flow into reservoirs and supply water for the local population.
Inscription by Jiang Zhongzheng
Taiwu Mountain Scenic Spot, situated in the central part of Kinmen island, is rich in battlefield sites. It is an important memorial of the Aug. 28 artillery war. From the top of the mountain you have a bird's-eye view of the island's rural scenery. There is also an Aug. 28 museum here as well as a Jiang Jingguo Memorial Hall, the Taiwu Mountain Cemetery, and other battlefield sites, as well as the traditional Qionglin settlement and the one-gate, three-sections house, the tomb of Chiu Liang-kung, and the Cai shrine.
Tai Lake Area

The Tai Lake Recreation Area is a park centered on Tai Lake. The park covers an area of 45 hectares. Tai Lake, the largest man-made freshwater lake in Kinmen, was built in 1965. Three islands topped by elegant pavilions are scattered in the lake.
Tai Lake, the largest man-made freshwater lake in Kinmen
Strolling around the park, you may be attracted by an ancient residence from the Ming Dynasty and the Auguest 23 Artillery War Museum which makes the park an important historical site.
Kinmen National Park
The attractions of the Kinmen National Park are concentrated primarily in the battlefield scenery and the features of a park on the sea. This is the first national park in the Taiwan area that focuses on the preservation of historical assets and war memorials as well as on the conservation of natural resources.
Luguang Tower, the landmark of Kinmen Island
The national park is divided into the Guningtou Area, Taiwu Mountain Area, Gugang Area, Mashan Area, Fuguidun Area and Lieyu Area. The land is hilly and composed mainly of granite, and it has an interesting natural environment. Because it is just off the coast of mainland China, it serves as a midway station for migrating birds. Atotal of 199 species have been observed here, making this an ideal place for watching and studying birds. The best places for bird-watching are the coastline between Gugang and Shuitou, Jinsha Reservoir, Lingshui Lake, Cihu, and the mouth of the Wujiang River.
Kinmen local buildings with Minnan architectural feature
You can have an intensely engrossing historical tour here, for in addition to its battlefield sites Kinmen also boasts 21 national-class historical sites as well as traditional settlements at Oucuo, Zhushan, Shuitou, Qionglin, Shanhou, Nanshan, and Beishan, where large numbers of traditional houses in the style of Zhangzhou and Quanzhou in Fujian Province still exist. Another special feature of Kinmen's cultural landscape is its clan shrines, which here have a higher density than anywhere else in the Taiwan area.

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Jinmen or Kinmen is only a ferry away from Xiamen. It takes about 1 hour to get there via Xiamen Dongdu International Ferry Terminal. Or you can take a ferry from Wutong Ferry Terminal at Huandao Lu (near Wuyuan Bridge), the sea journey from Wutong Port to Kinmen is shorter, it takes 30 minutes.

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