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Best tourist attractions in Baoting, Hainan

Baoting Li and Miao Autonomous County, located in the South of Hainan Island, is famous for its beautiful natural scenery, rich cultural diversity and traditional folk houses. Enjoying the fresh air in the tropical rainforest or hiking in the Qixianling Mountain will create the perfect holiday experience for any traveler. In addition to the popular spots of Yanoda and Binglanggu Valley, there are other impressive attractions throughout the area.

The following are the major attractions in Baoting

1. Mt.Qixianling

Qixianling Mountain Hot Spring and Forest Park 

Qixianling Mountain Hot Spring and Forest Park, located in Baoting Li and Miao Ethnic Group Autonomous County, is 76 kilometers away from the international tourism city Sanya in the south and 39 kilometers away from the famous mountain city Wuzhishan in the north.

The scenic spot has a total planning area of 22 square kilometers consisting of three tourism zones: a preservation zone, buffer zone and development zone.

The preservation zone focuses on the preservation of the natural ecological environment, and only a few tourism projects such as a mountain-climbing service area, sightseeing area and ecological road for walking are in the area.

The development zone boasts the hot springs as the principal draw for its ecological tourism vacation area as the hot springs there boast high temperatures and sodium silicate water.

As one of the most significant ecological and scenic spots in the northeast part of Baoting, the rainforest is home to 5,000 kinds of plants and 500 kinds of wild animals including macaques, pangolins, wild boars, weasels and pythons, amongst which are more than 10 kinds of rare species listed as being under national protection.

2. Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone

Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone

Hainan Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone, located 35km north of Sanya city, is famous for the unique rainforest at 18 degrees north latitude. Since it opened a few years ago it has been a great boost to Hainan Island's tourist economy.

Ya, no, and da originally indicated the numeral words "one, two, three" in the Hainan dialect. Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone gives new meanings to these words: "Ya” means innovation, "No" represents promise and "Da" refers to practice. The concept of Yanoda here is to preserve the native cultures and exhibit the essence of Chinese traditional culture.

Yanoda has two theme parks, the Rainforest Valley and the Dreamworld Valley. It takes about three hours to complete the walk through the forest over rope bridges, high-class shuttle buses and along wooden plankways.

The Rainforest Valley contains six rainforest wonders including strangling plants, flower baskets, intertwined vines and huge stones surrounded by roots. All these natural features symbolize the essential features of the five major rainforests of Hainan Island.

In the valleys, the plank roads lead to the deep forest, the stone staircases twist up both sides of the huge rocks, and the steel hawsers crisscross a sidewalk up the mountain. Visitors here can feel the tranquility and mystery of the thick forest.

3. Binglanggu Valley 

The Li and Miao Ecological Cultural Tourism Area of Ganza Ridge Areca Valley (Binglanggu Valley for short)

Located on the border of Sanya city and Baoting County, approximately 28 kilometers from Sanya, The Li and Miao Ecological Cultural Tourism Area of Ganza Ridge Areca Valley (Binglanggu Valley for short) covers a total area of 339.3 square kilometers.

The reserve is named Binglanggu because it is formed by a valley which is several kilometers long and covered with thousands of areca palms and lush greenery on both slopes.

The reserve consists of three main sections: the primitive Li Minority village, the ecological Miao Minority village and tropical jungle. It is one of the most important tourist attractions in Hainan and is among its top ten scenic spots.

A number of cultural experiences await you in these traditional villages, and you can get a feel for the day to day lives of the indigenous people who live here and learn a little of the Li and Miao culture. You can also enjoy the special treat of seeing the incredible "Fire and Knife" performances of the Miao people.

4. Bulongsai Country Tourism Zone

Bulongsai Country Tourism Zone

Located 500 meters from the Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone, and about 30 km from downtown Sanya, Bulongsai Country Tourism Zone is a newly developed area with two-story villas lining both sides of the roads secluded by tall green trees.

Here visitors can enjoy tropical views and local Li ethnic treats such as rice cooked in bamboo and homemade wine as well as home cooked dishes that are organic and provide ample sustenance.

Finally, the fresh air and simple country life in the area will make any tropical sojourn here a uniquely relaxing and natural experience.

5. Ethnic Scenery Street

Ethnic Scenery Street  

Located in the downtown center of Baoting, the Ethnic Scenery Street is one of the demonstration projects for the cross-strait communication between Baoting and Taiwan.

Opened on 22nd August 2012, the Ethnic Scenery Street covers an area of 72 hectares with an investment of RMB 68.48 million yuan. The street spans a length of 1,200 meters.

To date, the street has introduced three brand stores, of which two are from Taiwan, including Taiwan Xintiandi Shopping Paradise. Residents and tourists have the chance to savor tasty Taiwanese specialties, teas and authentic Taiwan Yushan Kaoliang liquor. Apart from the snacks and wines, you can also find Li brocades and ethnic souvenirs here.

The Ethnic Scenery Street, featuring a stylish fusion of traditional Chinese architecture with Li and Miao twists, is a tourism area integrating tourism, leisure and shopping. It is an important area to preserve and demonstrate the Li ethnic culture.

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