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Charm of Appealing Hui'an Women

Hui'an of Quanzhou where the mountains are green, the waters are blue, the sea is wide and the sky is boundless has nurtured a female community that boasts romantic clothing and unique customs. Labor has created the hard-working simple Hui'an Women, whose unique clothing of "yellow hood, colorful scarf, blue blouse, black silk pants, & silver girdle" is lively, fresh-looking, colorful and full of local characteristics, and is praised as "a magnificent work of feminine costumes". 
The formation and development of the costumes of Hui’an Women can be traced back to Ming & Qing Dynasty, and can be divided into two series of Chongwu/Shanxia and Xiaozha/Jingfeng while both of them are based on the adaptation to life and labor, strictly abide by the aesthetic perception of themselves and take "body fitting and fashionable" as their ultimate objective. With a perfect combination of tradition and modern times, labor and aesthetics’the costumes reveal animatedly the charming, graceful, hard-working and hardships enduring Hui’an Women in the mystical land of Hui'an.  
1. Xiazuo Conservation Area for the Folk Custom of Hui'an Women
Xiazuo Conservation area for the folk custom of Hui'an Women in located in the eastern coastal area of Hui'an, and it is the best-preserved area of Hui'an Women costumes. Hui'an Women costumes of Xiaozuo is rather unique in that it is more colorful & shiny and completely different from those of Chongwu/Shanxia. There still remain a great deal of special folk customs and habits that are of primitive and pure simplicity here.  

2. The Scenic Area of Chongwu Ancient City
The Scenic Area of Chongwu Ancient City is a SAT scenic area integrating coastal scenery, historic relics, folk-custom charm and sculptural art. It has got a reputation of "Natural Movie Studio" and "Beidai River in South China" and is known as "A case of ancient systematic engineering". 

3. Chongwu Xisha Bay Folk-Custom Park
Chongwu Xisha Bay Folk-Custom Park is situated at the well-known coastal area of Chongwu and covers an area of 33.3 hectares. There are 2000-meter long high quality sand beach, Temple of PLA Martyrs also known as "No.1 Mystical Temple in the World", as well as the colorful shows of folk-custom and acrobatics.  

4. The Town of Chinese Sculpture Art
The Town of Chinese Sculpture Art is located at the central position of Fuzhou to Xiamen segment of No. 324 National Road and covers an area of 7.2 hectares. It is divided into of processing zone of exquisite stone works and shadow carving, the auxiliary exhibition halls and multifunctional business service center. Now, the Town of Chinese Sculpture Art has been identified as a spot of recommendation for country-level industrial tour demonstration.