Autumn is approaching, top 5 tourist places in China during autumn

Update:19 Aug 2010
1). Zalantun

Zalantun city is located in the Hulunbuir prefecture, Inner Mongolia. Lying in the southeastern foothills of the Greater Khingan Mountains, it is an area of considerable natural beauty, including forests and streams as well as the Yalu River, and is known for its hunting, fishing as well as the folklore of the Oroqen People.

2). Kanas

Located in the north of Burqin county of Xinjiang, Kanas Lake is the deepest freshwater lake in China. In Mongolian, "Kanas" means "beautiful, affluent and mysterious". Encircled by virgin forest, the lake reaches 180 meter in depth at the deepest point. Kanas Lake Natural Reserve, with the lake as its core, takes up an area of 5,588 square kilometers. The Kanas region is home to 798 species of plants and 117 varieties of birds. Also living in the midst of all this beauty are more than 1,400 people of the Tuva Minority whose ancestors came from Siberia over 1,000 years ago.

Admission fee:

150 yuan (June 10 – Oct.10)
120 yuan (Apr.1 – June 9; Oct.11 – Oct. 31)
Free of charge (Nov.1 – next Mar.31)
80 yuan for inter-zone vehicle

3). Mulan Weichang

Located 450 kilometers northeast of Beijing, Mulan Weichang, has been well-known since ancient times as a natural park, which in the past was the Qing imperial hunting ground. The best period to visit the park is from June through September. Tourists can ride horses, pick flowers, slide down grassy hills, and ski in the winter.

4). Shangri-La

Also known as Zhongdian, Shangri-La is a small, primarily Tibetan town in north-west Yunnan Province. "Shangri-La" in Tibetan means the "sun and moon in heart", an ideal home only found in heaven. It is a sacred scenic region blessed with majestic mountains. The lofty and continuous snowy mountains, steep and grand gorges, endless grasslands, azure lakes and the pastoral villages in this area always leave a deep impression to visitors.

5). Qinghai Lake

Situated in Qinghai Province, Qinghai Lake is the largest saline lake in China. It is located about 100 kilometers west of the provincial capital of Xining. Twenty-three rivers and streams empty into Qinghai Lake, most of them seasonal. Major sights on or around the lake are: Bird Island, Haixin Hill, Haixi Hill, Sankuaishi (Three Stones), and Sand Island.

Travel tips:

101 Scenic Spot: 100 yuan (Apr. 16 - Oct. 15); 50 yuan (Oct. 16 - Apr. 15)
Sand Island: 70 yuan (Apr. 20 - Aug. 20); 35 yuan (Aug. 21 - Apr. 19)
Bird Island: 78 yuan
Opening hours: 8:30 am -5:30 pm
SOURCE: Global Times
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