Hangzhou & Pingyao selected among 41 places to go in 2011

Update:12 Jan 2011
Hangzhou & Pingyao selected among '41 places to go in 2011' by the New York Times
Two Chinese cities, Hangzhou and Pingyao, have made the list of the "41 Places to Go in 2011" by the New York Times.
Hangzhou, the provincial capital city of East China's Zhejiang province, ranks No. 33 for its rich cultural relics and scenery, which the newspaper described as "a peaceful retreat and a cultural masterpiece." The recent urban development and easy access to Shanghai have bestowed upon the city an enchanting glamour.
Pingyao, in north China's Shanxi province, was placed at number 37. The UNESCO world heritage site, with its intact preservation of Ming architectures amid a thriving contemporary culture, merits a visit.
The New York Times' list contains 41 cities with a wide range of unique characteristics.
Chile's Santiago tops the rankings for its booming modern culture that has survived havoc-wreaking earthquakes.
Other cities on the list include traditional tourist destinations like London in the United Kingdom (No. 7), Koh Samui in Thailand (No. 3), and cities less familiar to Chinese tourists, such as Cali in Colombia (No. 10) and Niseko in Japan (No. 12).
SOURCE: China Daily
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