World's largest museum, the National Museum of China in Beijing opens

Update:01 Mar 2011
The National Museum of China is now the world's largest museum
after renovation and expansion.
The National Museum of China
The newly-built National Museum of China will greet tourists on Tuesday.

Tourists can see the Master Xu Beihong's Chinese painting, Yu Gong Yi Shan (Foolish old man who removed the mountains) made with granite at the west hall. The large relief painting Yu Gong Yi shan is 36 meters long and 12 meters high.

After four years' expansion, the total construction area of the new museum reaches 200,000 square meters, making it the world's largest by construction area. There are 49 exhibition rooms; each covering an area of 800-2,000 square meters.

The roof of the new museum takes a greenbelt design and is Beijing's largest of the kind, 20,000 square meters.
SOURCE: Global Times
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