Reuters lists Great Wall & Beijing Hutong among 25 must-see places

Update:15 Mar 2011
On March 8, Reuters listed 25 places in the world to see before they change forever, where the "Real" Great Wall of China and Beijing's Hutong Communities are on the list. The list was assembled according to many travelers and experts in Britain who extensively travel around the world.
Great Wall
Simatai Great Wall
Beijing hutong
Beijing Hutong
The "Real" Great Wall of China refers to the wild wall such as Simatai, which remains the original appearance from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the time when it was built. Today it is suffering from erosion both by nature and humankind. Visitors are encouraged to go there before it collapses. However, the most visited site, Badaling Great Wall, according to Reuters, "is an unabashed tourist trap", because the completely renovated Badaling has already lost the primitive features.
Hutong Communities are the alleyways and the courtyards in old Beijing. It is an important historical relic in Beijing. Due to the city's development, many Hutongs are being demolished. "Only a small fraction of these are likely to be saved", Reuters said. That's why we need to visit Hutongs hurriedly before the demolition crews come.
SOURCE: Global Times
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