Archaeologists discover new Great Wall relics in Qinghai

Update:22 Mar 2011
Datong Great Wall
Datong Great Wall built in Ming Dynasty
Archaeologists found in Qinghai Province new Great Wall relics, including the wall's body, beacon towers, so on in the recently-finished Great Wall Resource Examination, after a two-year archaeological expedition in the northwestern province.

Ren Xiaoyan, deputy chief of Qinghai Archaeological Research Institute, said the investigation over the 360 kilometer-long Great Wall in Ming Dynasty started in 2009 in 24 cities and counties in the province except two Tibetan Autonomous prefectures, Yushu and Guoluo. The statistics show that the investigation found one wall body, 51 beacon towers and 158 border campsites.

The newly-found reliecs were initially built in Qin and Han dynasties and finished in the late Qing Dynasty. Most parts of the relics are worn by the time and weather, hardly to be discerned.
SOURCE: Global Times
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