Ningbo to open flights to Rome and Frankfurt

Update:28 Apr 2015

 A Ningbo-Rome flight route and a Ningbo-Frankfurt flight route are expected to be opened on May 28 and June 6, respectively, according to the Zhejiang Branch of China Eastern Airlines.

It will be the first time for Ningbo to open European routes, which will be conducted by chartered planes in the early stage and will be transferred to regular air routes when the time is right. Residents can purchase tickets via travel agencies at present.

Besides, China Eastern Airlines will increase its offering of flights to Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asian countries from June 10 to cope with the travel booms to these areas. The Ningbo-Osaka flight will fly every Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday every week; the Ningbo-Shizuoka flight will fly every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday every week; the Ningbo-Bangkok flight will fly every day; and the Ningbo-Da Nang flight will fly every Wednesday and Saturday every week after the adjustment.

The Ningbo-Siem Reap and Ningbo-Krabi air routes, as well as chartered domestic and overseas air routes such as Ningbo-Seoul, Ningbo-Cheong Ju, Ningbo-Kwangju, and Ningbo-Daegu are expected to be opened in the near future.


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