3 China airlines to offer in-flight Wi-Fi services

Update:04 Jun 2015

 Three of China's major airlines, including Air China, China Eastern Airlines, and China Southern Airlines, have all announced that they are capable of offering in-flight Wi-Fi services.

China Eastern Airlines said in a statement on Tuesday (June 2, 2015) that it had received approval from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to offer in-flight Wi-Fi services onboard 21 aircraft covering both domestic and international flights.

By using the advanced Ku-band satellite Wi-Fi solution, the company said its Wi-Fi services would allow wider coverage and faster Internet speed than the air-to-ground solution, which is currently used by many airlines worldwide.

Also on Tuesday, China Southern Airlines said that it had received approval as well, and had been equipping 10 aircraft of its Airbus A300 fleet to offer Wi-Fi services.

Using the same Ku-band solution, the airline expects to complete the installation before June, 2016.

Meanwhile, Air China has been releasing details of its Wi-Fi available flights on a weekly basis. This week, 18 flights are providing Wi-Fi connections, covering domestic cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, and international cities like Geneva, Seoul, Paris and Milan.

The Wi-Fi services are free of charge at the moment, although China Eastern Airlines said it is designing a pricing scheme.

SOURCE: english.cri.cn

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