N. Korea, China launch another tourist charter flight

Update:23 Jun 2015

 North Korea has launched a charter flight service to the northeastern Chinese city of Yanji to attract more tourists, a Chinese newspaper said Saturday.

The first charter flight carrying some 70 Chinese tourists left Yanji of Jilin province on Thursday on a sightseeing trip to North Korea, said the Yanbian Daily newspaper.

Kim Myong-ho, a tourism official at the Yanji city, told the newspaper that the charter flight service is expected to help draw more Chinese tourists to North Korea, adding that a four-day trip costs 3,900 yuan (US$628.4).

Yanji, home to many ethnic Koreans in China, is the capital city of the Korean autonomous prefecture located along the Tumen River bordering North Korea.

North Korea has set up temporary flight services with a number of Chinese cities, including Shanghai and Zhengzhou, to handle an increasing number of Chinese tourists during the summer travel season.

North Korea is one of the world's most secretive and isolated nations, but Pyongyang has stepped up efforts to attract foreign tourists since earlier last year by offering more international and domestic flights.

SOURCE: english.yonhapnews.co.kr

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