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Update:18 Oct 2006


China Eastern Airlines - by T Lewis
17 October 2006

Singapore to Shanghai (Pudong). Out of the five bathrooms on the flight, three of them clogged up and were unusable for most of the flight. Many Chinese just went in them anyway, causing a wonderful odor to waft through the cabin. When I spoke to a flight attendent, they said that it happens all of the time and were unconcerned. The flight left on time, which was good, but with mystery meat provided in the meal, no entertainment, and unusable bathrooms, it is not China Eastern next time. Five hours is too long to have to wait in line for the bathroom on a very full flight.

China Eastern Airlines - by Geoff Cook
15 October 2006

Sydney - Shanghai - London. Return leg was Paris - Shanghai - Sydney all Business Class. Planes out of Sydney are old style business class with no legroom when the seat in front is reclined - in fact you can't get out of your seat when the seat in front is reclined. London and Paris legs were A340-600, still with old style seats but excellent seat spacing. One of our seats kept seizing and had to be manually adjusted by cabin staff 5 times during the flight. Consequently ended up a 12 hour flight seated virtually upright. It was all too much trouble for cabin staff in the end, upon requesting to see a customer service representative on landing we were taken to customs and told to go through - no one met us on the other side. On check in for our return Sydney leg I requested again to see a Customer representative, after one hour of talking to several different supervisors we were told there was nothing wrong with the seat. Tell that to my wife who spent 12 hours sitting upright! I have flown extensively to and within China with China Eastern, but after this experience I am changing my Chinese flights.

China Eastern Airlines - by P Jennings
13 October 2006

Flew on group booking LHR to Shanghai Pudong to transit there for Beijing (delay out of Heathrow compounded by less than helpful cabin attendants and lack of adequate refreshments on outbound flight. Transit time increased due to delay in arrival of outbound flight - finally arrived Beijing more than 24 hours after leaving London. Internal flights Beijing - Xian and Xian to Chonqing and Wuhan to Shanghai had better legroom and comfort than long-haul flights - meals on short-haul okay but not really appetising. Entertainment on long-haul not functioning on outbound from LHR which served to make the flight almost interminable. Inbound from Shanghai marginally an improvement on the outbound two weeks previously - still very limited selection on on- board beverages to be obtained and although meals were no worse than some other carriers they were certainly not to most European carriers standards. All in all, take sandwiches if you can and have a long flight! All my flights were group bookings for a tour so this may have been an influence and the inability to choose seat position may also have contributed to overall feeling of dissatisfaction.

China Eastern Airlines - by Robbie Francisco
12 October 2006

PEK-PVG. Flight attendants in the A300-600 were friendly and professional. The flight wasn't full, so other passengers were able to stretch out in the other empty rows. Business Class seats were from the old style but looked fine. Movies in the video screens were only for the Chinese passengers so bring a book. English interpreter seemed to struggle with her diction but I appreciated her effort. Considering it was a holiday in China, everything before, during and after the flight ran smoothly.

China Eastern Airlines - by Steve Corry
10 October 2006

Shanghai - Hong Kong return. To HK was on an A330. Flight was full. Food was not too bad (rice, vegetables and chicken) but no entertainment. Return flight on the usual cramped A320. Similar food and slow service as only two attendants covered the entire economy cabin. Headphones were provided but with no sound - asked the flight attendant who suggested perhaps wasn't working on my seat but could not change me due to full flight. However nobody else was using them either and I suspect there actually wasn't any music, and the attendant wasn't aware. The video shown on overhead screens was the usual obnoxious candid camera show, fortunately volume was completely turned off as I find the background noise that is just loud enough to be heard but not clearly audible a distraction. Had to put up with that on my last two domestic flights with this airline.

China Eastern Airlines - by Barbara Cundiff
10 October 2006

Over the last few weeks we have taken six China Eastern Airline flights. From Vancouver to Shanghi return and four flights within China. Every flight left right on time and a couple actually arrived early. Aircraft cabin condition and service matched any other more star airline. Food and beverages better than anticipated. Airport check-ins were friendly and efficient. We received our baggage promptly and intact on each trip. And all this for economy class clients.

China Eastern Airlines - by G Chew
11 September 2006

URC-(LHW)-KMG-SYX and HAK-NKG (Urumqi-Kunming-Sanya, Haikou-Nanjing). The flights in general were okay, with food ranging from excellent on the flight to Kunming, to non-existant of the 2hr flight to Sanya. Seat comfort varied a lot : KMG-SYX on a very comfortable and clean B737 and URC-KMG very uncomfortable. KMG-SYX flight was cancelled so I was put up in an airport hotel for 24 hours, which was a pain, but the staff were fairly pleasant and apologetic - pity that they had no printed documentation in English to explain the situation to foreign passengers. Seat pitch was best on the A320.

China Eastern Airlines - by J Liu
6 September 2006

Shanghai PVG to Paris CDG, return LHR to PVG business class. For the price, business class on China Eastern is really not bad. PVG-CDG route featured the new business class seats, really excellent with nearly lie- flat recline, ample legroom, good choice of on-demand video. Lacked an amenity kit but cabin staff did provide slippers. Food was bland but edible, presentation and service efficient but a bit rushed, typical for China Eastern cabin service. LHR to PVG business class had an older A340-300 with old business class. Legroom more cramped but seats were still very comfortable. Cabin staff on this flight were genuinely warm and friendly, best service I've experienced on a CEA flight. Both flights left and arrived right on time so no complaints there.

China Eastern Airlines - by Herward Rohde
6 September 2006

Frankfurt-Shanghai-Frankfurt in economy class was a really satisfying experience. The cabin of the A340-600 was meticulously clean and flight attendants cleaned the washrooms every 30 or 40 minutes. Legroom was better than on many other airlines, even for a big guy like me. The cabin attendants spoke English. An ordered special meal was available. What could be improved is the entertainment.

China Eastern Airlines - by Oscar de Gouveia Pinto
30 July 2006

I am presently sitting in the First Class lounge of China Eastern at Pudong airport in Shanghai, bound for Dalian. The flight is delayed, and I' m in this so called "first class lounge" which is one of the worst ever for service. There is no coffee (the attendants say the machine is broken), they have canned congee, the Microwave does not work, basically nothing works. This is what First Class service is all about in China. The selection of snacks (lunch time) is only candy! Flight is delayed (no timing given when it will go) and no provisions for any eats etc at the First Class lounge. How can this airline ever be competitive?

China Eastern Airlines - by Matthew Furneaux
13 July 2006

Hong-Kong to Shanghai - Business Class. Lounge at HKG was shared but nice with a good view of the runways. Flight on a new Airbus A320, nicely fitted out. The small business class cabin had leather seats. Good i flight service, chinese food and Australian wines. The only problem was that that the flight left one hour late, with little communication of this at Hong Kong airport. I speak not a word of Chinese and this was never a problem. However the fare was very inexpensive (£160.00 one way) so nothing to complain about.

China Eastern Airlines - by Christopher Liptau
11 July 2006

Qingdao to Shanghai and back, just last weekend. I arrived at the airport on time only to be told that my flight was delayed. There was no explanation and no timeframe when the flight might leave. After sitting at the gate for some time we were given some simple food and water. After several other planes went to Shanghai just on the next gate some passengers started complaining. Three hours after the scheduled delay we were told that it was possible to change the tickets for another flight. The total was a more than three hour delay. If noone would have asked then we would probably still sit there. There was hardly any information given in English. On the way back it looked more promising and we could board the plane on time. But once in the airplane we were told that we had to wait for some time. It turned out to be 90 minutes. Again no real explanation was given. In total I am very unsatisfied with this airline and will try to avoid it. The ground staff is not always qualified and as one of the other commentators above me wrote, they are very "economical with the truth". If you can't speak any Chinese then traveling on domestic routes with this airline will not be a great experience.

China Eastern Airlines - by Shrikant Jajodia
5 July 2006

New Delhi-Shanghai-Beijing return. Plane was old with not much attention to any kind of decor. Inflight service so so. Meal was okay on this sector - drinks resticted to soft drinks and juices only. I was informed by a fellow traveller they do serve chinese beer and wine. On enquiry I was explained they had run out of beer and wine as they had exhausted it all in the inbound flight to Delhi (very odd). IFE consisted of one large screen in each section showing mostly chinese sitcoms/ tourism clips and a few English documentaries. We stayed in Shanghai for a day and caught our next flight to Beijing from the old Shanghai airport. Check in was smooth although the staff had major English problem. At the assigned gate there was chaos. Another flight scheduled after us to a different destination was boarded first. The television screen showed our flight as first in sequence but it was the opposite. There were confusing announcements about gate change which nobody could understand. Finally a small door leading out on the tarmac from the aerobridge was opened and we all came quite literally tumbling down the narrrow service staircase of the aerobridge with our handbags trying to keep our wits about us. We were then crammed into a bus and taken to another end of the airport - where a very sorry looking 737 was parked. The seating was extremely cramped. The food was chinese only, quite bland but not so bad. The coffee was quite good. On the return flight from Bejing we had to change flights at Shangahi (the new airport). The transfer was chaotic to say the least. They may have made a very modern airport but they just don't know anything about running it. We were made to walk on and on through numerous security checks and even a reasonably fit person like myself was exhausted by the end of it. The flight from Shanghai to New Delhi although packed was smooth. I finally did get to try the chinese beer and wine. In the absence of any other choice of hard drink it seems most people were gulping what was available and that probably explained their running out of it. The food was terrible. The staff on all the flights were polite but were not very comfortable with English. A big problem if you have any special request. I would try and avoid China Eastern if I can.

China Eastern Airlines - by Frank Walsingham
21 June 2006

Shanghai PVG to SIN. Having read many warnings about this airline, I was careful to confirm my flight within 72 hours of flight time. There was no apparent early checkin so I had to wait around the awful Pudong terminal for an hour and a half until the flight number appeared on the checkin line. This airline provides almost no information in English, so you are on your own if you don't understand Chinese. After a 20 minute bus journey out to the plane sitting on a remote area of Pudong airport we boarded the plane the old fashioned way. This was, actually, a good opportunity to photograph a plane up close -- something you can rarely do these days. The seat pitch was quite roomy. I was able to stretch out a bit. The seats, however, were as hard as boards and a bit shabby. The plane was showing its age. We sat on the tarmac for another hour while waiting for a takeoff slot. The crew did apologise for the delay and explained that this was due to busy airspace over Eastern China. This was a five hour flight. The IFE was an overhead screen which did show images of what appeared to be cartoons and some sort of comedy show, but the only sound available was static. Lots of bemused looks from passengers trying to get sound. No explanation form the crew as to why the IFE was not working. The food was unexceptional. I had a beef and rice dish. The beef was rubbery and tasteless. It might as well have been chicken. The crew were inefficient and I think poorly trained. There was quite a bit of turbulence on the flight but they continued to fumble about with the drinks cart pouring hot coffee despite the plane pitching up and down sharply. They could also be quite officious and petty with some passengers who didn't have their seatbelts tight enough or who kept property on empty seats beside them. The crew seemed to think of themselves as quite superior and privileged as if the passengers were their to serve them rather than the other way around. I would have to rate China Eastern the worst airline I have ever flown with. Granted, it is cheap, but it is budget bus travel by air. I will try to avoid this airline in future, but if for some reason you have to fly it because it will get you where you want to go when you need to be there, then go in with very low expectations.

China Eastern Airlines - by Keith Chapman
18 June 2006

Giving these guys two stars is a compliment! I was booked First Class from Shanghai to Tianjin and got bumped despite being at the airport over two hours in advance. Although I had a fully paid for ticket in my hand they could not find my reservation (despite me calling my travel agent in the UK who gave me the confirmation number). The best offer was standby which I rejected and transferred to Shanghai Airlines (who were very good by the way). The China Eastern customer service was non existent and they later told the travel agent that the reason I could not get on the flight was due to the flight being cancelled (in which case I watched something closely resembling an aircraft being boarded and then taking off !) Learning to be economic with the truth seems to be an important criteria for being employed by this company! My first experience of these guys will certainly prevent me from using them again and I certainly would not recommend them to anyone flying in China.

China Eastern Airlines - by Jochen Rundholz
25 May 2006

Used China Eastern 3 times on domestic routes within China in May 2006 on economy. We had an infant with us, each time they didn't give us a seat where we could have a bassinet, we never were able to get a infant seat belt (we were told that is too dangerous, we should use our own!?). Asking why we didn't get a bassinet seat we were told that there are already 2 infants on board - only to find out that they didn't have a bassinet seat either. China Eastern and infants? Never again!

China Eastern Airlines - by Allan Laurie
24 May 2006

SYD-PVG-SYD in Economy. Needed to get to Shanghai fast - only direct flight from Sydney and back. Dragon Air / Qantas cancelled flights going in and out of Shanghai due to Typhoon - China Eastern didn't. Flew economy, seats have good pitch, very old but comfortable. Old overhead TVs - not impressed with food (one meal was cold although supposed to be hot) - service was very attentive - stewards throughout the flight were offering refreshments and responded quickly to the buzzer. Noticed business class and first on the way through - not worth the money - more legroom but that's it - overhead TV even in first class. I understand they are going through an upgrade at the moment to new seating and entertainment system. First and Business then economy. As mentioned entertainment system was very poor - two movies on the overhead, one in French and one in English. Funniest thing is just before you land, they show an exercise movie - all the Chinese in the plane, including the stewards follow each movement to the letter - even us pale faces got into the act! If you are looking for a budget service that retains a high level of customer service, don't mind a no frills food service and entertainment then I suggest you look at China Eastern.

China Eastern Airlines - by J Liu
9 May 2006

Shanghai PVG to Tokyo NRT and return via KIX, economy class. Both flights uneventful on aging A300-600 aircraft - definitely tired and look the part. On 3 hour flight, no inflight entertainment but meal service adequate - typical China Eastern standards where the food is hot and edible but the drinks don't come until you've finished your meal. FA service was good but not up standards of top-tier Asian airlines.

China Eastern Airlines - by Peter Payne
22 April 2006

Heathrow - Shanghai - Sydney return with overnight at Jin Li Hua Hotel Shanghai. Slightly unwelcoming at check in Heathrow due to staff inexperience with new (?) computer system but helpful. Economy standard excellent with attentive flight staff thru to Sydney. Met at Pudong Airport by China Eastern rep and sped thru slightly complex Chinese formalities. Cannot echo previous comments about huge queues & long waits. On return to UK long delay for take off caused by breakdown of baggage belts at Sydney. Not China Easterns fault. Further delay before reaching Shanghai due to electrical storm meaning 2 hour plus unofficial put down & wait at Xiamen airport. Jin Li Hua Hotel - found it fine with large suite superb 18th floor view and acceptable local breakfast. Friendly helpful local staff whose command of English was impressive. Transfer back and forth from airport to hotel fine. Slight delay on take off down to air traffic control. Comfort fine - food fine - inflight entertainment, dont watch it myself but I can see that those relying on it would feel it lacking.

China Eastern Airlines - by Carl Crossett
8 April 2006

I flew LA into Shanghai business class. Flight was over an hour late departing, arriving almost two hours late. Kept waiting at departure gate with no announcements, then finally herded onto a bus to be taken to plane. Aircraft was new, clean and bathrooms kept pretty well. Food was good, drinks difficult to obtain. Staff okay though very hard to communicate with. Seats were horrible compared to other airlines business class. Didn't recline far and cut into legs. It has been 5 days since I arrived, but my luggage still hasn't. China Eastern customer service is non existent. Daily I have been told my luggage is coming on the next flight!


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