China Eastern Airlines agrees to acquire 50 more 737s

Update:10 Jul 2015

China Eastern Airlines has agreed to acquire 50 new Boeing 737s in a deal worth $4.5 billion at catalogue prices.

The Shanghai-based carrier disclosed the agreement, which it states is a “purchase”, in a statement to the Hong Kong stock exchange.

It has not clarified which variants of the 737 are involved, although it gives the base price of each as $91 million.

Boeing has granted the carrier “substantive price concessions” on the aircraft, says the airline.

China Eastern disclosed an agreement last year to take 80 737s, including a batch of re-engined Max versions.

The airline says the concessions attached to the latest deal for 50 737s are “more favourable” than those granted for this previous arrangement.

Deliveries will take place in stages. The first 10 will arrive in 2017, another 25 the following year, and the balance of 15 in 2019.

China Eastern says the acquisition will expand both its own fleet and that of subsidiary China United Airlines. All 737s are powered by CFM International engines.


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