Fuzhou-Wenzhou EMU trains to start on Sept. 28, 2009

Update:27 Sep 2009

With a top speed of 250km per hour, the “Harmony” Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) trains will be put into service on the Fuzhou-Wenzhou railway from Sept. 28, 2009, according to the Fuzhou Railway Station.
From Sept. 24, passenger can buy tickets for EMU trains bound for Shanghai, Hangzhou and Wenzhou. Tickets are on sale at Fuzhou Railway Station, any stations along the line, and ticket agencies in Fujian province.
The Fuzhou Railway Station will open 8 pairs of EMU trains including 8 units heading for Shanghai, 6 units for Hangzhou and 2 units for Wenzhou.
The “Dongche” EMU trains (prefixed with D) has become available in China after the sixth rise of speed on the railway since April 18, 2007.
The train numbers for Fuzhou-Shanghai are: D3101, D3102, D3103, D3104, D3105, D3106, D3107, D3108.
Fuzhou-Hangzhou: D3111, D3112, D3113, D3114, D3115, D3116.
Fuzhou-Wenzhou: D3109, D3110.
The 298.4-kilometer-long Fuzhou-Wenzhou railway costs 12.66 billion yuan (US$1.85 billion). Nearly 230 kilometers are in Fujian.
The railway has a design speed of 200 to 250 kilometers per hour for passenger trains, and the journey between the two cities will be shortened from five hours to two hours. Construction began in August 2005.

SOURCE: WOXnews.com

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